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Why sponsor us?

Our Waterfront initiatives cover a wide range of activities from community work to student/resident programs to building a thriving and innovative ecosystem for new startups and entrepreneurs entering the city.  In order to achieve our goal, we need your help.  If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor and making a difference in the community, please fill out the form below to get in touch with us.

You're helping students succeed

We’re actively helping students become better entrepreneurs or just learn more about Startup world. By sponsoring us, you’re directly providing resources to build better programs and host more events benefiting the students in Camden.

You're helping us build a better City

One of our main focus is creating a fun, innovative, and connective culture in Camden to attract startups and businesses to the City. If our main focus can be achieved, it will mean more jobs, more internship opportunities, more local activities, and ultimately turning Camden into a city of real promises.

You're helping the residents of Camden

In addition to providing more jobs and opportunities to students, we’re also looking to do the same for current residents of Camden. We have special programs and out-reach strategies in place to connect the residents and spread the positive energy to other parts of Camden not just the Waterfront.

Cool stuff we're doing

Program Development

We aim to develop programs to help students, residents, and startups coming to the Waterfront.


We also plan to host a boat load of events for students and residents of Camden in addition to Conferences.


We’re also building a reservoir of resources that anyone in the community can tap into.

Community Activities

Together with other local organizations, we plan to develop interactive community activities.

Incubator Programs

We will be developing an incubator program at one of our Waterfront Lab locations.

Connected Community

We want to build a connected community through a combination and intermixing of programs, events, activities from our organizations and others.

New Programs


Community Events


Large Conferences each year


Fun, Innovative, and Connected City

Our Sponsors

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Be updated on the latest news, programs, events, and anything cool happening at the Camden Waterfront. 

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