About Startup Nerf Battles Tournament

What is Startup Nerf Battles? It’s pretty much what you think it is. We invite startup companies and local businesses to participate in a Nerf Battle Tournament. Think of this as an aggressive way of networking. Our goal is for everyone to get to know one another, have fun, have some more fun, and hopefully bond over a day of bloodshed and glory. Tournament is completely free, however you need to pre-register your team to participate.


How to Play

Here are the basics to how the game works.

How to Eliminate an Enemy

Shoot them.

How to Die

Get shot.

How to Win

You win when:
1. Your team achieves the objective first.
2. The other team loses all their lives.


Each member of your team will wear a lanyard with 3-5 Cards in them. Each card represents 1 life. Everytime you “die”, you must get on one knee, drop your weapon, take out a Card, and lay it on the ground where you “died”. Then walk back to Home base to “Respawn”.

Getting Geared Up

For safety reasons all team members must come equip with the minimum required gear.

Googles/glasses (required)

Believe us when we tell you these things HURT when they hit you in the eye. So for safety reasons, please bring a pair of googles or eye protection. If you already wear prescription glasses, that will do fine.

Team Color

Depending on the assigned color of your team (Colors are only assigned per tournament. Your team color/logo/brand can be different), you must wear either a shirt or an article of clothing that easily shows your team color.

Look Badass

This isn’t “required” but it should be. Please leave class, dignity, and anything resembling your professional self at home. Bring the mean badass mother f#$%er that’s here to tear s#$% down and take home prisoners. Leather jackets, army uniform, bandanas, barb wired tattoos, old shirt bathed in your enemy’s blood, and revenge are all recommended attire.

Your Weapons

Depending on their class, each member of your team can wield up to 2 weapons. Please refer to the Dream Team section to see which guns are allowed for which class.

Forming Your Dream Team

Your Dream Team must compose of a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 8 members. Each member must fall into one of the classes of characters here. Some classes are limited to 1 per team.


The most common class of fighter. Soldiers can equip Pistols, Single-shot Rifles, and Shotguns. Soldiers have 3HP.


Snipers can wield Sniper rifles (obviously) and pistols. Snipers have 3HP.


Tanks can wield semi-automatic and automatic weapons. Tanks have 5HP and limited to 1 Tank per Team.

Ready To Play?

Team Slot availability is limited, so register your team today and
get ready for your next battle.

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