Waterfront Lab Day

FREE Coworking Day - First Tuesday of every month

FREE day's pass for everyone every month

Next Waterfront Lab Day: Feb 7th, 2017.

FREE Day's pass

First Tuesday of each month we host a Waterfront Lab Day where you can come in for an entire day to work for FREE.

Work...or whatever

You don’t even have to come here for work.  You could just chill and take advantage of our free Wifi + coffee.  Just don’t be disruptive to those working.

Make New Friends

Our goal is to open up our community, invite new members in, have you check out the space and the cool inhabitants, and hopefully join us and/or make new friends.

Be Updated

Be updated on the latest news, programs, events, and anything cool happening at the Camden Waterfront. 

We never share this data with 3rd part companies.

Thank you!