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Waterfront Lab Grand Opening April 18th

It’s been long journey to build a startup community in Camden. Starting out at the Camden Colab, the Waterfront Ventures team has been hustling to grow the community in Camden […]

Nerf Battles Result

Nerf is an alternative to networking only available at Waterfront Lab in Camden NJ. The idea is simple, form a team, grab your nerf guns, and network with another company by mowing down [...]

A New Coworking Space in Camden

Waterfront Lab ( is a new coworking space that just opened up in Camden NJ. The new coworking space is currently housing 15 diverse companies. Waterfront Lab was borned out [...]

The UP Conference

Conferencewas hosted by the Camden-based nonprofit Waterfront Ventures, the UP Conference brought those with the “unified purpose of growing a sustainable startup culture in Camden” together with seasoned startup professionals from [...]

Why move your startup to Camden?

Camden is growing a community of startups, entrepreneurs, and young business professionals. What's been attracting all these businesses to Camden? There is indeed new energy in the city – and not [...]

Our programs & events

We're providing education and resources for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Startup Conferences

Startup Conferences featuring guest speakers from various stages of a startup sharing their stories and advice.
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Demo Weekend

Meet new people, form teams, develop a project together, and prepare to pitch your ideas to a panel of judges.
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Lighthouse Mentorship

Work with a mentor to develop your idea through a month-long mentorship program.
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Entrepreneurship 101

Entrepreneurship class taught by fellow founders and CEO’s of local startups.
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Startup Tour

Take a tour of a startup company’s office led by a founding member themselves and see how different companies operate.
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Waterfront Lab Day

Once a month we’re inviting all startups/entrepreneurs to come work and hang out at our coworking space for an entire day (free).
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Our Mission

We want to bring more startups and businesses into Camden Waterfront.

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