On September 18th, 2018, our CEO Khai Tran spoke at Camden Works in response to the comments made by Kris Singh about Camden’s work force. On September 12th, Kris Singh was interviewed by Anjalee Khemlani from ROI-NJ.com and was quoted saying the following: 

“This plant is costing us millions right now,” he said.

The reason, Singh said, is simple: Holtec cannot recruit and retain the workforce it needs — despite huge efforts to hire local employees.

The issues range from entitlement to lack of training, Singh said. High turnover is the result.

“We are starting from a base which is zero,” Singh said. “People don’t have the skills.”

They also lack a history of working.

“There is no tradition of work in families,” he said. “That has been a problem. If we hire 10, we keep two. The other eight weed themselves out.”

Singh, a self-made millionaire, is trying to understand it.

“They don’t show up to work,” he said. “They can’t stand getting up in the morning and coming to work every single day. They haven’t done it, and they didn’t see their parents do it. Of course, some of them get into drugs and things. So, it’s difficult.”

Full article from ROI-NJ HERE.

Singh’s controversial comments drew city-wide criticisms and Camden’s mayor, Frank Moran, responded immediately. 

“This is a warning to anyone that wishes to diss my city,” said Camden Mayor Frank Moran. “We will not tolerate anyone speaking down to my city.”

Many officials and Camden community leaders have since protested and responded to Singh’s tasteless comments. And a city-wide Camden Works meeting was for in order to reunite the city and unify our message to all the companies in Camden. Our CEO Khai Tran spoke passionately about the work Waterfront Ventures is doing for Camden and our initiative to employ more Camden students by bringing tech companies to Camden. Despite the controversial nature of Singh’s comments, it did ignite the city and brought forth a platform for us to unite and talk about the elephant in the room – actual employment numbers from the companies moving here. This isn’t the end of the conversation, it’s the very beginning, and it’s an important one for all of us living and working in Camden should be having with our city officials and all the companies that are here.