Congratulations to Penji, Waterfront Lab, Waterfront Ventures, and Camden for being featured on the home page of INC magazine on 1/29/19. Leigh Buchanan, Editor-at-large from INC Magazine, wrote a compelling and comprehensive article detailing Camden’s journey to be suitable for future startups and entrepreneurs.

This is a major milestone for everyone in Camden since the work we’re doing here is beginning to get noticed. Leigh explored indepth our founder’s, Khai Tran, back story from when he emigrated to America to how he founded and failed his way back to the city that he came from, Camden. The article also detailed Melissa’s personal sacrifice to help build the Camden dream and also pursue her own passion. Johnathan Grzybowski (cofounder of Penji) also played a major role in building the startup ecosystem from the early days.

From the very first conference, to the 3rd conference, to the $25,000 Camden Catalyst pitch competition, the Waterfront Ventures team, Waterfront Lab, and Penji are on track to make history and bring more jobs and opportunities to the city.

Also special thanks to Hopeworks, Linked Noodle, and Red Queen with all their recent successes and being apart of Camden’s history.

Read the complete article here: The Complicated Business of Building a Startup Scene From Scratch in Camden, New Jersey