Our Story

Our History

Just who are we?

We’re a group of people who wants to make Camden a better place. Each of our member have ties and connections to Camden and have their own reason for joining Waterfront Ventures. At our core, we believe that a thriving city is filled with fun, innovation, and connections. It’s a city that you and I would want to live in. It’s a city that we’d want our children to grow up in. And it’s a city that’s been a dream for many residents in Camden for decades.

Moved to Camden Waterfront

On 6/1 we relocated our primary business (Ownersmagazine.com) to Camden Waterfront.

Hosted first Startup Conference

We did an experiment and created a conference to see how many startups were in Camden. Event blew up, 300+ came, we started to fall in love with the idea of an organization that would do this full time.

Hosted Up Conference

We hosted second startup conference to test ourselves making sure it wasn't luck. Same amount of people, more passion, more excitement, and this time we know it's real.

Waterfront Ventures, INC was formed

Economic Development Organization Waterfront Ventures was officially filed and formed.

Waterfront Lab was formed

We needed a place for events, programs, and community gathering. So we built a co-working space called Waterfront Lab. Waterfront Lab officially opened door 3/1/17.

Interested in working with us?