Developing a Tech Community

Why are we developing a Tech Community?

We chose Tech companies to bring into Camden because of their typically less bureaucratic infrastructure, quicker decision making, and easier to convince to relocate to Camden given the opportunities are right. A tech company is much more likely to give another city a try if there’s talent, resources, and some level of incentives.

Hiring Entry-level

Tech companies also have a much lower barrier to entry when it comes to qualifications. We’re not talking about hiring less qualified employees. Tech companies value experience more than degrees. A student going through our programs and working with other organizations such as Hopeworks ‘n Camden will be able to develop their talent at a young age. And by the time tech companies start coming to Camden, there will be a qualify pool of young talents for them to choose from.

Better Pay

Tech companies pay well.

Better Culture

Typically, they’re a bit more fun than other companies. Who wouldn’t want more fun people in the city?

Interested in working with us?