Innovation Lab and Community Space

An Innovation Lab in Camden

We built Waterfront Lab to achieve multiple purposes. On the outside it’s a co-working space. On the inside it’s a community space where we host events, programs, classes, seminars, happy hour, etc. And at the core of it, we want Waterfront Lab to be an innovation lab. A place where ideas can be tested and implemented in Camden. A lot of our ideas, programs, and events came from brainstorm sessions at the Lab.

Designed for Thinking

We designed the Waterfront Lab to be a place for clear thinking. We also made sure our work space promotes conversations and relationship building. The barrier between one company and the next is lowered and as a result more collaboration and partnership can happen.

A Community Center

You’ll notice we host events at least once or twice a week. Events are hosted both by Waterfront Ventures, Waterfront Lab, our members, and partners in our community. We’re constantly coming up with new event ideas and involving everyone in our community to come and take advantage of the resources we provide.

Interested in working with us?