We Invest In Startups

Who does Waterfront Ventures invest in?

We invest in early stage tech startups seeking between $100K – $500K in seeding funding.


We only invest in companies that’s willing to relocate their headquarter to Camden. In addition, 50% of your workforce must be Camden resident and students.

Our Philosophy

Being a community conscious organization ourselves, we have high expectations for how a company should immerse themselves with the community they’re a part of. In order to make our communities better, we need to be active in it. We need to be mentors, educators, helpers, and volunteers in our community. We don’t expect every company to do community service hours, but we do expect you to give back to your community in tangible ways.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to have enough Tech startups in the city to provide internships, jobs, and opportunities for the new generation of students coming out of school. If the new generation of Camden students can find jobs within their own city, they would stay in Camden and make the city better.

Interested in working with us?