Waterfront Lab opened up in Camden NJ. The new coworking space is currently housing 15 diverse companies. Waterfront Lab was borned out of a Waterfront Ventures initiative to develop a thriving culture and bring 100+ startup companies to the city by 2018.

Due to rising demand, a coworking space was needed in order to accommodate the traffic and attention Camden Waterfront has been receiving in this past year. Startups are seeking alternative cities that are low-cost to operate in all the while having access to interns, developers, designers, marketers, and a readily available work-force. Camden NJ just happens to fulfill many of these requirements.

The journey is far from over, as the Waterfront Lab is almost at capacity even though it’s yet to have an official launch. It’s official launch will be April 3rd 2017 starting at 10:30AM at 121 Market Street, Camden, NJ 08102.

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